Chapter 34.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 34.12.010Office createdConduct of hearingsChief administrative law judge, appointment, term, qualifications, removal.
HTMLPDF 34.12.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 34.12.030Administrative law judgesAppointment and contractual basisClerical personnelDiscipline and termination of administrative law judgesCivil serviceRules for operation of office.
HTMLPDF 34.12.034Retail internet service adequacy proceedings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.035State patrol disciplinary hearings and decertification hearings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.036Landlord-tenant proceedings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.037Human rights commission proceedings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.038Local government whistleblower proceedings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.039Local government whistleblower proceedingsCosts.
HTMLPDF 34.12.040Hearings conducted by administrative law judgesCriteria for assignment.
HTMLPDF 34.12.050Administrative law judgeMotion of prejudice againstRequest for assignment of.
HTMLPDF 34.12.060Initial decision or proposal for decisionFindings of fact and conclusions of lawInapplicability to state patrol disciplinary hearings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.070Record of hearings.
HTMLPDF 34.12.080Procedural conduct of hearingsRules.
HTMLPDF 34.12.090Transfer of employees and equipment.
HTMLPDF 34.12.100Salaries.
HTMLPDF 34.12.110Application of chapter.
HTMLPDF 34.12.120Appointment of chief administrative law judge.
HTMLPDF 34.12.130Administrative hearings revolving fundCreated, purposes.
HTMLPDF 34.12.140Transfers and payments into revolving fundLimitation on employment security department paymentsAllotment by director of financial managementDisbursements from fund by voucher.
HTMLPDF 34.12.150Accounting procedures.
HTMLPDF 34.12.160Direct payments by agencies, when authorized.


Bilingual services for non-English-speaking public assistance applicants and recipients: RCW 74.04.025.