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Type of relief.

(1) In a review under RCW 34.05.570, the court may (a) affirm the agency action or (b) order an agency to take action required by law, order an agency to exercise discretion required by law, set aside agency action, enjoin or stay the agency action, remand the matter for further proceedings, or enter a declaratory judgment order. The court shall set out in its findings and conclusions, as appropriate, each violation or error by the agency under the standards for review set out in this chapter on which the court bases its decision and order. In reviewing matters within agency discretion, the court shall limit its function to assuring that the agency has exercised its discretion in accordance with law, and shall not itself undertake to exercise the discretion that the legislature has placed in the agency. The court shall remand to the agency for modification of agency action, unless remand is impracticable or would cause unnecessary delay.
(2) The sole remedy available to a person who is wrongfully denied licensure based upon a failure to pass an examination administered by a state agency, or under its auspices, is the right to retake the examination free of the defect or defects the court may have found in the examination or the examination procedure.
(3) The court may award damages, compensation, or ancillary relief only to the extent expressly authorized by another provision of law.
(4) If the court sets aside or modifies agency action or remands the matter to the agency for further proceedings, the court may make any interlocutory order it finds necessary to preserve the interests of the parties and the public, pending further proceedings or agency action.


Effective date1989 c 175: See note following RCW 34.05.010.
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