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Brief adjudicative proceedingsProcedure.

(1) If not specifically prohibited by law, the following persons may be designated as the presiding officer of a brief adjudicative proceeding:
(a) The agency head;
(b) One or more members of the agency head;
(c) One or more administrative law judges; or
(d) One or more other persons designated by the agency head.
(2) Before taking action, the presiding officer shall give each party an opportunity to be informed of the agency's view of the matter and to explain the party's view of the matter.
(3) At the time any unfavorable action is taken the presiding officer shall serve upon each party a brief statement of the reasons for the decision. Within ten days, the presiding officer shall give the parties a brief written statement of the reasons for the decision and information about any internal administrative review available.
(4) The brief written statement is an initial order. If no review is taken of the initial order as authorized by RCW 34.05.488 and 34.05.491, the initial order shall be the final order.


Effective date1989 c 175: See note following RCW 34.05.010.
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