Chapter 33.48 RCW



33.48.025Applicability of chapter 23B.06 RCW.
33.48.030Minimum amount of permanent stock requiredPreferred or special classes of shares authorized.
33.48.040Stock dividends, when.
33.48.080Member's proprietary interestSubordinate to claims of creditors.
33.48.090Dividends only if interest paid on deposits.
33.48.100Conversion procedureDomestic stock to domestic mutual association.
33.48.110Conversion procedureMutual association to domestic stock associationRules implementing sectionStandard.
33.48.120Conversion procedureCreation of permanent loss reserveDisposition of reserve upon liquidation.
33.48.130Withdrawal of charter amendment or conversion application.
33.48.140Legislative intentChapter to control over conflicting provisions.
33.48.150Organizing permitRequired.
33.48.160Organizing permitApplication.
33.48.170Organizing permitConditions.
33.48.180Permit authorizing sale of stockApplicability.
33.48.190Permit authorizing sale of guaranty stockRequired prior to sale of issued or outstanding stock.
33.48.200Permit authorizing sale of stockApplicationContents.
33.48.210Permit authorizing sale of stockExamination and investigationIssuance or denial.
33.48.220Recitation in permit to take subscriptions for stock.
33.48.230Sales of stockImposition of conditions.
33.48.240Organizing permitAmendment, alteration, suspension, or revocation by directorGrounds.
33.48.250Purchase by association of stock issued by itConditions.
33.48.260Reduction of stockConditions.
33.48.270Reduction of stockDisposition of surplus.
33.48.280Paid-in or contributed surplus or surplus created by reduction of stockApplication and uses.
33.48.290RCW 33.48.150 through 33.48.280 inapplicable to foreign associations.
33.48.320Waiver of chapter requirements.