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Persons desiring to incorporate a stock savings bank shall file with the director a notice of their intention to organize a stock savings bank in such form and containing such information as the director shall require, together with proposed articles of incorporation, which shall be submitted for examination to the director at his or her office.
The proposed articles of incorporation shall state:
(1) The name of the stock savings bank;
(2) The city, village, or locality and county where the head office of the corporation is to be located;
(3) The nature of its business, that of a stock savings bank;
(4) The amount of its capital stock, which shall be divided into shares of a par or no par value as may be provided in the articles of incorporation;
(5) The names and places of residence and mailing addresses of the persons who as directors are to manage the corporation until the first annual meeting of its stockholders;
(6) If there is to be preferred or special classes of stock, a statement of preferences, voting rights, if any, limitations and relative rights in respect of the shares of each class; or a statement that the shares of each class shall have the attributes as shall be determined by the stock savings bank's board of directors from time to time with the approval of the director;
(7) Any provision granting the shareholders the preemptive right to acquire additional shares of the stock savings bank and any provision granting shareholders the right to cumulate their votes;
(8) Any provision, not inconsistent with law, which the incorporators elect to set forth in the articles of incorporation for the regulation of the affairs of the corporation, including any provision restricting the transfer of shares, any provision which under this title is required or permitted to be set forth in the bylaws, and any provision permitted by RCW 23B.17.030;
(9) Any provision the incorporators elect to so set forth, not inconsistent with law or the purposes for which the stock savings bank is organized, or any provision limiting any of the powers granted in this title.
It is not necessary to set forth in the articles of incorporation any of the corporate powers granted in this title. The articles of incorporation shall be signed by all of the incorporators.
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