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Applications available for public inspectionConfidential information.

Should the applicant desire to submit any information it deems to be of a confidential nature regarding any item or a part of any exhibit included in any application under this chapter, the information pertaining to the item or exhibit shall be separately bound and labeled "confidential", and a statement shall be submitted therewith briefly setting forth the grounds on which the information should be treated as confidential. Only general reference thereto need be made in that portion of the application which the applicant deems not to be confidential. Applications under this chapter shall be made available for inspection by the public, except for portions which are bound and labeled "confidential" and which the director determines to withhold from public availability under chapter 42.56 RCW. The applicant shall be advised of any decision by the director to make public information designated as "confidential" by the applicant. Even though sections of the application are considered "confidential" as far as public inspection thereof is concerned, to the extent the director deems necessary the director may comment on the confidential submissions in any public statement in connection with the director's decision on the application without prior notice to the applicant.
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