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Request of noncomplianceRequirements.

(1) If an applicant finds that compliance with any provision of this chapter would be in conflict with applicable federal law, the director shall grant or deny a request of noncompliance with the provision. The request may be incorporated in the application for conversion; otherwise, the applicant shall file the request in accordance with the requirements of the director.
(2) In making any such request, the applicant shall:
(a) Specify the provision or provisions of this chapter with respect to which the applicant desires waiver;
(b) Furnish an opinion of counsel demonstrating that applicable federal law is in conflict with the specified provision or provisions of this chapter; and
(c) Demonstrate that the requested waiver would not result in any effects that would be inequitable or detrimental to the applicant, its account holders, or other financial institutions or would be contrary to the public interest.
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