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Federal deposit insurance corporation as receiver or liquidatorAppointmentPowers and duties.

(1) The federal deposit insurance corporation is hereby authorized and empowered to be and act without bond as receiver or liquidator of any savings bank the deposits in which are to any extent insured by that corporation and which the director shall have taken possession pursuant to RCW 32.24.040, 32.24.050, or 32.24.073.
(2) In the event of such closing, the director may appoint the federal deposit insurance corporation as receiver or liquidator of such savings bank.
(3) If the corporation accepts such appointment, it shall have and possess all the powers and privileges provided by the laws of this state with respect to a liquidator of a mutual savings bank, its depositors and other creditors, and be subject to all the duties of such liquidator, except insofar as such powers, privileges, or duties are in conflict with the provisions of the federal deposit insurance act, as now or hereafter amended.


Effective date2010 c 88: See RCW 32.50.900.
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