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Investments in real estate.

A mutual savings bank may invest its funds in real estate as follows:
(1) A tract of land whereon there is or may be erected a building or buildings suitable for the convenient transaction of the business of the savings bank, from portions of which not required for its own use revenue may be derived: PROVIDED, That the cost of the land and building or buildings for the transaction of the business of the savings bank shall in no case exceed fifty percent of the guaranty fund, undivided profits, reserves, and subordinated securities of the savings bank, except with the approval of the director; and before the purchase of such property is made, or the erection of a building or buildings is commenced, the estimate of the cost thereof, and the cost of the completion of the building or buildings, shall be submitted to and approved by the director. "The cost of the land and building or buildings" means the amounts paid or expended therefor less the reasonable depreciation thereof taken by the bank against such improvements during the time they were held by the bank.
(2) Such lands as shall be conveyed to the savings bank in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in the course of its business.
(3) Such lands as the savings bank shall purchase at sales under judgments, decrees, or mortgages held by it.
All real estate purchased by any such savings bank, or taken by it in satisfaction of debts due it, under this section, shall be conveyed to it directly by name, or in the name of a corporation all of the stock of which is owned by the bank, or in such other manner as the bank shall determine to be in the best interest of the bank, and the conveyance shall be immediately recorded in the office of the proper recording officer of the county in which such real estate is situated.
(4) Every parcel of real estate purchased or acquired by a savings bank under subsections (2) and (3) of this section, shall be sold by it within five years from the date on which it was purchased or acquired, or in case it was acquired subject to a right of redemption, within five years from the date on which the right of redemption expires, unless:
(a) There is a building thereon occupied by the savings bank and its offices,
(b) The director, on application of the board of trustees of the savings bank, extends the time within which such sale shall be made, or
(c) The property is held by the bank as an investment under the provisions of RCW 32.20.285, as now or hereafter amended.


Severability1981 c 86: See note following RCW 32.08.140.
Construction1973 1st ex.s. c 31: See RCW 32.20.500.
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