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The legislature finds that [the] state of Washington needs investment of funds from out of state and from investors in the state of Washington to keep money for real estate and other forms of financing reasonably available for the needs of Washington citizens. Many innovations have taken place in the last several years to aid in the sale of loans or portions thereof to others including the sale of mortgage pass-through certificates, mortgage backed bonds, participation sales with varying rates, terms or priorities to various participants and the like. As the marketing of such investments continues, further innovations can be expected. It will benefit the state if mutual savings banks subject to the laws of this state have the broadest powers possible commensurate with their safety and soundness to take part in such activities. It is the purpose of RCW 32.08.225 and 32.08.230 to grant a broad power.


Severability1981 c 86: See note following RCW 32.08.140.
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