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Sale, purchase, etc., of interest rate exchange agreements, loans, or interests therein.

Any mutual savings bank may through any device sell, purchase, exchange, issue evidence of a sale or exchange of, or in any manner deal in any form of sale or exchange of interest rate exchange agreements, loans, or any interest therein including but not being limited to mortgage pass-through issues, mortgage backed bond issues, and loan participations and may purchase a subordinated portion thereof, issue letters of credit to insure against losses on a portion thereof, agree to repurchase all or a portion thereof, guarantee all or a portion of the payments thereof, and without any implied limitation by the foregoing or otherwise, do any and all things necessary or convenient to take part in or effectuate any such sales or exchanges by a mutual savings bank itself or by a subsidiary thereof.


Severability1981 c 86: See note following RCW 32.08.140.
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