Chapter 32.08 RCW



32.08.010Authority to organizeIncorporatorsCertificate.
32.08.020Notice of intention.
32.08.025Limited liability companyOrganization or conversionApproval of directorConditionsApplication of chapter 25.15 RCWDefinitions.
32.08.030Submission of certificateProof of service of notice.
32.08.040Examination and action by director.
32.08.050Appeal from adverse decision.
32.08.060Procedure upon approval.
32.08.061Extension of period of existenceProcedure.
32.08.070Authorization certificate.
32.08.080Conditions precedent to reception of deposits.
32.08.090Expense fundAgreement to contribute furtherSecurity.
32.08.100Guaranty fund.
32.08.110Guaranty fundPurpose.
32.08.115Guaranty fundPayment of interest and dividendsLegislative declaration.
32.08.116Guaranty fundPayment of interest and dividendsWhen authorized.
32.08.120Guaranty fundReplenishmentDividends.
32.08.130Reimbursement fund.
32.08.140Powers of bank.
32.08.142Additional powers of savings bankPowers of federal mutual savings bankDefinitionRestrictions.
32.08.145Safe deposit companies.
32.08.148Operation of branch outside WashingtonPowers and authorities.
32.08.150Certificates of deposit.
32.08.153Additional powers of savings bankPowers and authorities of national banks on July 28, 1985, or a subsequent date not later than July 28, 2013DefinitionRestrictions.
32.08.157Additional powersPowers and authorities of banks.
32.08.160Writing of fire insurance restricted.
32.08.170Effect of failure to organize or commence business.
32.08.180Extension of existence.
32.08.190May borrow from home loan bank.
32.08.210Power to act as trusteeAuthorized trustsLimitationsApplication to act as trustee, feeApproval or refusal of applicationRight of appealUse of word "trust."
32.08.215Power to act as trustee for common trust funds under multiple trust agreementsConditions.
32.08.225Sale, purchase, etc., of interest rate exchange agreements, loans, or interests therein.
32.08.230Restrictions and requirements by director.


Federal bonds and notes as investment of collateral: Chapter 39.60 RCW.