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Powers and duties of receiver.

Upon taking possession of a credit union, the receiver shall proceed to collect the assets of the credit union and preserve, administer, and liquidate its business and assets.
With the approval of the Thurston county superior court or the superior court of the county in which the principal place of business of the credit union is located, the receiver may sell, compound, or compromise bad or doubtful debts, and upon such terms as the court may direct, borrow, mortgage, pledge, or sell all or any part of the real and personal property of the credit union. The receiver may deliver to each purchaser or lender an appropriate deed, mortgage, agreement of pledge, or other instrument of title or security. The receiver may employ an attorney or other assistants to assist in carrying out the receivership, subject to such surety bond as the director may require. The premium for any such bond must be paid out of the assets of the credit union.
In carrying out the receivership, the receiver may without limitation arrange for the merger or consolidation of the credit union in receivership with another credit union, out-of-state credit union, or federal credit union, or may arrange for the purchase of the credit union's assets and the assumption of its liabilities by such a credit union, in whole or in part, or may arrange for such a transaction with another type of financial institution as may be otherwise permitted by law. The receiver shall give preference to transactions with a credit union or a federal credit union that has its principal place of business in this state.
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