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Filing upon approvalFeeNotice to directorAuthority to commence business.

(1) Upon approval under RCW 31.12.075(2), the director shall deliver a copy of the articles of incorporation to the secretary of state for filing. Upon receipt of the approved articles of incorporation provided by the applicants, and the secretary of state filing fee paid by the department, the secretary of state shall file the articles of incorporation.
(2) Upon filing of the approved articles of incorporation by the secretary of state, the persons named in the articles of incorporation and their successors may conduct business as a credit union, having the powers, duties, and obligations set forth in this chapter. A credit union may not conduct business until the articles have been filed by the secretary of state.
(3) A credit union shall organize and begin conducting business within six months of the date that its articles of incorporation are filed by the secretary of state or its charter is void. However, the director may grant extensions of the six-month period.


Effective date1993 c 269: See note following RCW 23.86.070.
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