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Solicitation and acceptance of deposits.

(1) Any branch of an alien bank that received approval of its branch application pursuant to RCW 30A.42.090, or that had filed its branch application pursuant to RCW 30A.42.060, on or before July 27, 1978, and any approved branch of an alien bank that has designated Washington as its home state pursuant to section 5 of the International Banking Act of 1978, shall have the same power to solicit and accept deposits as a state bank chartered pursuant to this title, except that acceptance of initial deposits of less than one hundred thousand dollars shall be limited to deposits of the following:
(a) Any business entity, including any corporation, partnership, association, or trust, that engages in commercial activity for profit: PROVIDED, That there shall be excluded from this category any such business entity that is organized under the laws of any state or the United States, is majority-owned by United States citizens or residents, and has total assets, including assets of majority-owned subsidiaries, of less than one million five hundred thousand dollars as of the date of the initial deposit;
(b) Any governmental unit, including the United States government, any state government, any foreign government and any political subdivision or agency of the foregoing;
(c) Any international organization which is composed of two or more nations;
(d) Any draft, check, or similar instrument for the transmission of funds issued by the branch;
(e) Any depositor who is not a citizen of the United States and who is not a resident of the United States at the time of the initial deposit;
(f) Any depositor who established a deposit account on or before July 1, 1982, and who has continuously maintained the deposit account since that date: PROVIDED, That this subparagraph (f) of this subsection shall be effective only until July 1, 1985;
(g) Any other person: PROVIDED, That the amount of deposits under this subparagraph (g) of this subsection may not exceed four percent of the average of the branch's deposits for the last thirty days of the most recent calendar quarter, excluding deposits in the branch of other offices, branches, agencies, or wholly owned subsidiaries of the alien bank.
(2) As used in subsection (1) of this section, "initial deposit" means the first deposit transaction between a depositor and the branch. Different deposit accounts that are held by a depositor in the same right and capacity may be added together for purposes of determining the dollar amount of that depositor's initial deposit.
(3) Approved branches of alien banks, other than those described in subsection (1) of this section, may solicit and accept deposits only from foreign governments and their agencies and instrumentalities, persons, or entities conducting business principally at their offices or establishments abroad, and such other deposits that:
(a) Are to be transmitted abroad;
(b) Consist of collateral or funds to be used for payment of obligations to the branch;
(c) Consist of the proceeds of collections abroad that are to be used to pay for exported or imported goods or for other costs of exporting or importing or that are to be periodically transferred to the depositor's account at another financial institution;
(d) Consist of the proceeds of extensions of credit by the branch; or
(e) Represent compensation to the branch for extensions of credit or services to the customer.
(4) A branch may accept deposits, subject to the limitations set forth in subsections (1) and (3) of this section, only upon the same terms and conditions (including nature and extent of such deposits, withdrawal, and the payment of interest thereon) that banks organized under the laws of this state which are members of the Federal Reserve System may accept such deposits. Any branch that is not subject to reserve requirements under regulations of the Federal Reserve Board shall maintain deposit reserves in this state, pursuant to rules adopted by the director, to the same extent they must be maintained by banks organized under the laws of this state which are members of the Federal Reserve System.


Effective date1982 c 95: See note following RCW 30A.42.070.
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