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Costs of examination, filing, and other service feesNondirect expenses.

(1) In order to cover the costs of the operation of the department's division of banks and to establish and maintain a reasonable reserve for the division of banks, the department may charge and collect the costs of examination, filing and other service fees, and semiannual charges for recoupment of nondirect expenses related to the examination of financial institutions regulated by the department, as provided for in this section.
(2) The director shall collect from each bank, savings bank, trust company, savings association, holding company under this title, holding company under Title 32 RCW, business development company under chapter 31.24 RCW, agricultural lender under chapter 31.35 RCW, and small business lender under chapter 31.40 RCW:
(a) For each examination of its condition the estimated actual cost of such examination; and
(b) For services in relation to required filings, applications, requests for waiver, investigations, approvals, determinations, certifications, agreements, actions, directives, and orders made by or to the director.
(3) In addition to collecting the estimated actual cost of examination and other fees authorized by subsection (2) of this section, the director may collect a semiannual charge for recoupment of nondirect expenses related to the examination of a bank under this title, a trust company, a savings bank under Title 32 RCW, and a savings association under Title 33 RCW, based upon the assets of the bank, savings bank, or savings association, or assets under management of the trust company, which shall be computed upon the asset value reflected in the institution's most recent report of condition. The rate must be the same for banks, savings banks, and savings associations, and there may be a separate rate for trust companies that must be the same for all trust companies.
(4) Every bank or trust company, savings bank, savings association, holding company, business development company, state agricultural lender, or state small business lender shall also pay to the secretary of state for filing any instrument the same fees as are required of general corporations for filing corresponding instruments, and also the same license fees as are required of general corporations.
(5) The director shall establish, set, and adjust by rule the amount of all fees and charges authorized by subsections (2) and (3) of this section.


Effective date2010 c 88: See RCW 32.50.900.
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