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Purpose and limitations of youth courts, student courts.

Youth courts provide a disposition method for cases involving juveniles alleged to have committed traffic or transit infractions. Youth courts may also provide diversion in cases involving juvenile offenders who are eligible for diversion pursuant to RCW 13.40.070 (6) and (8) and who agree, along with a parent, guardian, or legal custodian, to comply with the provisions of RCW 13.40.600. Student court programs may also be available in schools to work with students who violate school rules and policies pursuant to RCW 28A.300.420. Youth court participants, under the supervision of the court or an adult coordinator, may serve in various capacities within the youth court, acting in the role of jurors, lawyers, bailiffs, clerks, and judges. Youth courts and student courts have no jurisdiction except as provided for in this chapter, chapter 13.40 RCW, and RCW 28A.300.420. Youth courts and student courts are not courts established under Article IV of the state Constitution.


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