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Chapter 3.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 3.50.003Definitions.
HTMLPDF 3.50.005Legislative findingAlternative court structure for cities and towns of four hundred thousand or less.
HTMLPDF 3.50.010Municipal court authorized in cities of four hundred thousand or less.
HTMLPDF 3.50.020Jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 3.50.030Violations bureau for traffic casesDisposition of moneys collected.
HTMLPDF 3.50.040Municipal judgesAppointedTerms, qualificationsDistrict judge as part-time municipal judge.
HTMLPDF 3.50.045Judicial officersDisqualification.
HTMLPDF 3.50.050Municipal judge may be elective positionQualifications, term.
HTMLPDF 3.50.055Judicial positionsFillingCircumstances permitted.
HTMLPDF 3.50.057JudgesResidency requirement.
HTMLPDF 3.50.060Termination of municipal courtRequirementsEstablishment of court.
HTMLPDF 3.50.070Additional judgesAppointment, election.
HTMLPDF 3.50.075Court commissionersAppointmentQualificationLimitationsPart-time judge.
HTMLPDF 3.50.080Salaries of judgesPayment of court operating costs from city fundsJudges and employees as city employees.
HTMLPDF 3.50.090Judges pro tem.
HTMLPDF 3.50.092Presiding judge pro temporePredesignation or appointment.
HTMLPDF 3.50.093Municipal judgeVacancyAppointment.
HTMLPDF 3.50.095Municipal judgeRemoval from office.
HTMLPDF 3.50.097Judge's oathBonds.
HTMLPDF 3.50.100RevenueDispositionInterest.
HTMLPDF 3.50.110Sessions.
HTMLPDF 3.50.115Municipal court seal.
HTMLPDF 3.50.125Transfer within municipal court.
HTMLPDF 3.50.135Request for jury trial in civil casesExceptionFeeJuror compensationJury trials in criminal cases.
HTMLPDF 3.50.300Execution of sentenceJail in lieu of fine and costs, computation.
HTMLPDF 3.50.320Suspension or deferral of sentenceChange of pleaDismissal.
HTMLPDF 3.50.330Suspension or deferral of sentenceContinuing jurisdiction of court.
HTMLPDF 3.50.340Revocation of deferred or suspended sentenceLimitationsTermination of probation.
HTMLPDF 3.50.345SentencingCrimes against propertyCriminal history check.
HTMLPDF 3.50.355Offender supervision by another state.
HTMLPDF 3.50.425Issuance of criminal process.
HTMLPDF 3.50.430Criminal prosecution in city's name for violation of ordinances.
HTMLPDF 3.50.440Penalty if no other punishment prescribed.
HTMLPDF 3.50.450Pleadings, practice and procedure not provided for governed by district court law.
HTMLPDF 3.50.480City or town trial court improvement accountContributions to account by city or townUse of funds.
HTMLPDF 3.50.800Repeal of municipal criminal codeAgreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal casesArbitrationRenewal.
HTMLPDF 3.50.805Termination of municipal courtAgreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal casesArbitrationRepeal of municipal criminal codeAgreementArbitrationRepeal of a municipal crime equivalent to offense in RCW 46.63.020AgreementArbitration.
HTMLPDF 3.50.810Termination of municipal courtNotice.
HTMLPDF 3.50.815Criminal justice responsibilitiesInterlocal agreements.


Rules of court: See Rules for Appeal of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (RALJ).