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Voter challenge of electoral systemFiling of actionMultiple challenges.

*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 1048-S.SL) ***
(1) Any voter who resides in the political subdivision may file an action under this chapter if, one hundred eighty days after a political subdivision receives notice of a challenge to its electoral system under RCW 29A.92.060, the political subdivision has not obtained a court order stating that it has adopted a remedy in compliance with RCW 29A.92.020. However, if notice is received after July 1, 2021, then the political subdivision shall have ninety days to obtain a court order before an action may be filed.
(2) If a political subdivision has received two or more notices containing materially different proposed remedies, the political subdivision shall work in good faith with the persons to implement a remedy that provides the protected class or classes identified in the notices an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. If the political subdivision adopts one of the remedies offered, or a different remedy that takes multiple notices into account, the political subdivision shall seek a court order acknowledging that the political subdivision's remedy is reasonably necessary to avoid a violation of RCW 29A.92.020. The persons who submitted the notice may support or oppose such an order, and may obtain public records to do so. The political subdivision must provide all political, census, and demographic data and any analysis of that data used to develop the remedy in its filings seeking the court order and with any documents made public. All facts and reasonable inferences shall be viewed in the light most favorable to those opposing the political subdivision's proposed remedy at this stage. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that the court will decline to approve the political subdivision's proposed remedy at this stage.
(3) If the court concludes that the political subdivision's remedy complies with RCW 29A.92.020, an action under this chapter may not be brought against that political subdivision for four years by any party so long as the political subdivision does not enact a change to or deviation from the remedy during this four-year period that would otherwise give rise to an action under this chapter.


Explanatory statement2019 c 64: See note following RCW 1.20.110.
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