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Unlawful appropriation, printing, or distribution.

Any person who is retained or employed by any officer authorized by the laws of this state to procure the printing of any official ballot or who is engaged in printing official ballots is guilty of a gross misdemeanor if the person knowingly:
(1) Appropriates any official ballot to himself or herself; or
(2) Gives or delivers any official ballot to or permits any official ballot to be taken by any person other than the officer authorized by law to receive it; or
(3) Prints or causes to be printed any official ballot: (a) In any other form than that prescribed by law or as directed by the officer authorized to procure the printing thereof; or (b) with any other names thereon or with the names spelled otherwise than as directed by such officer, or the names or printing thereon arranged in any other way than that authorized and directed by law.
A gross misdemeanor under this section is punishable to the same extent as a gross misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW 9A.20.021.
[ 2003 c 111 s 2119. Prior: 1991 c 81 s 3; 1965 c 9 s 29.85.040; prior: 1893 c 115 s 1; RRS s 5395. Formerly RCW 29.85.040.]


Effective date1991 c 81: See note following RCW 29A.84.540.
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