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Hearing dateIssuance of citationService.

Upon such affidavit being filed, the clerk shall inform the judge of the appropriate court, who may give notice, and order a session of the court to be held at the usual place of holding the court, on some day to be named by the judge, not less than ten nor more than twenty days from the date of the notice, to hear and determine such contested election. If no session is called for the purpose, the contest must be determined at the first regular session of court after the statement is filed.
The clerk of the court shall also at the time issue a citation for the person charged with the error or omission, to appear at the time and place specified in the notice. The citation must be delivered to the sheriff and be served upon the party in person; or if the person cannot be found, by leaving a copy thereof at the house where the person last resided.
[ 2003 c 111 § 1704; 1977 ex.s. c 361 § 103; 1965 c 9 § 29.65.040. Prior: (i) Code 1881 § 3113; 1865 p 44 § 9; RRS § 5374. (ii) Code 1881 § 3114; 1865 p 45 § 10; RRS § 5375. Formerly RCW 29.65.040.]


Effective dateSeverability1977 ex.s. c 361: See notes following RCW 29A.16.040.
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