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Voters without traditional residential addresses.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 5079-S.SL) ***
No person registering to vote, who meets all the qualifications of a registered voter in the state of Washington, shall be disqualified because he or she lacks a traditional residential address. A voter who lacks a traditional residential address will be registered and assigned to a precinct based on the location provided.
For the purposes of this section, a voter who resides in a shelter, park, motor home, marina, or other identifiable location that the voter deems to be his or her residence lacks a traditional address. A voter who registers under this section must provide a valid mailing address, and must still meet the requirement in Article VI, section 1 of the state Constitution that he or she live in the area for at least thirty days before the election.
A person who has a traditional residential address must use that address for voter registration purposes and is not eligible to register under this section.


Effective date2005 c 246: See note following RCW 10.64.140.
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