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Minimum information required for voter registration.

(1) The minimum required information provided on a voter registration application in order to place a voter registration applicant on the voter registration rolls includes:
(a) Name;
(b) Residential address;
(c) Date of birth;
(d) A signature attesting to the truth of the information provided on the application;
(e) An address where the person receives mail, if different from the residence address; and
(f) Affirmation of citizenship which confirms the individual is a United States citizen, in one of the following forms:
(i) A check or indication in the box on a voter registration form confirming citizenship; or
(ii) Presentation of documents as part of another government transaction confirming citizenship.
(2) The residential address provided must identify the actual physical residence of the voter in Washington, as defined in RCW 29A.04.151, with detail sufficient to allow the voter to be assigned to the proper precinct and to locate the voter to confirm his or her residence for purposes of verifying qualification to vote under Article VI, section 1 of the state Constitution. A residential address may be either a traditional address or a nontraditional address.
(a) A traditional address consists of a street number and name, optional apartment number or unit number, and city or town, as assigned by a local government, which serves to identify the parcel or building of residence and the unit if a multiunit residence.
(b) A nontraditional address consists of a narrative description of the location of the voter's residence, and may be used when a traditional address has not been assigned or affixed to the voter's residence or when a voter resides on an Indian reservation or Indian lands, pursuant to the conditions in RCW 29A.08.112.
(3) All other information supplied is ancillary and not to be used as grounds for not registering an applicant to vote.
(4) Modification of the language of the official Washington state voter registration form by the voter will not be accepted and will cause the rejection of the registrant's application.


Effective date2005 c 246: See note following RCW 10.64.140.
Effective dates2004 c 267: "(1) Sections 103, 104, and 115 through 118 of this act are necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and take effect immediately [March 31, 2004].
(2) Sections 119, 140, 201 through 203, 321, 401, 501, and 702 of this act take effect July 1, 2004.
(3) Sections 301 through 320 of this act take effect January 1, 2005.
(4) Sections 101, 102, 105 through 114, 120 through 139, 601, 701, and 704 of this act take effect January 1, 2006." [ 2004 c 267 § 707.]
Severability1994 c 57: See note following RCW 29A.16.040.
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