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Duties of secretary of state.

The secretary of state shall:
(1) Establish and operate, or provide by contract, training and certification programs for state and county elections administration officials and personnel, including training on election laws, the various types of election law violations, and discrimination;
(2) Administer tests for state and county officials and personnel who have received such training and issue certificates to those who have successfully completed the training and passed such tests;
(3) Maintain a record of those individuals who have received such training and certificates; and
(4) Provide the staffing and support services required by the board created under RCW 29A.04.510.


Effective date1992 c 163 §§ 5-13: "Sections 5 through 13 of this act shall take effect July 1, 1993." [ 1992 c 163 § 15.]
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