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Endowment investmentsDisclosure of private fund informationConflicts of interest.

The University of Washington must disclose: (1) The names and commitment amounts of the private funds in which it is invested; and (2) the aggregate quarterly performance results for its portfolio of investments in such funds. The University of Washington shall have formal policies addressing conflicts of interest in regard to the private funds in which the endowment is invested, in compliance with RCW 42.52.190, and shall post these policies on their public website.


Intent2009 c 394: "The intent of this act is to clarify provisions governing disclosure of information related to University of Washington endowment investments, and thereby improve the university's ability to maximize the performance of its endowment portfolio. For endowment investments in privately managed funds, this act requires disclosure of the names of the funds, the amounts invested in the funds, and quarterly performance results for the endowment's portfolio of investments in such funds. These disclosures are intended to provide the public with information about the overall performance of the privately managed endowment investments, while prohibiting disclosure of proprietary information that could result in loss to the endowment or to persons who provide the proprietary information." [ 2009 c 394 § 1.]
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