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Eligible credentialed health care professionsHealth professional shortage areas.

(1) After June 1, 1992, the department, in consultation with the office and the department of social and health services, shall:
(a) Determine eligible credentialed health care professions for the purposes of the health professional loan repayment and scholarship program and the behavioral health loan repayment program authorized by this chapter. Eligibility shall be based upon an assessment that determines that there is a shortage or insufficient availability of a credentialed profession so as to jeopardize patient care and pose a threat to the public health and safety. The department shall consider the relative degree of shortages among professions when determining eligibility. The department may add or remove professions from eligibility based upon the determination that a profession is no longer in shortage. Should a profession no longer be eligible, participants or eligible students who have received scholarships shall be eligible to continue to receive scholarships or loan repayments until they are no longer eligible or until their service obligation has been completed;
(b) Determine health professional shortage areas for each of the eligible credentialed health care professions; and
(c) Determine underserved behavioral health areas for each of the eligible credentialed health care professions.
(2) The office, in consultation with the department, shall determine selection criteria for nurse educators and approved nursing programs.


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