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Proceeds fund.

(1) All proceeds derived from a particular bond under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited in a fund to be known as the proceeds fund, which shall be maintained in such bank or banks as shall be determined by the authority. Proceeds deposited in the fund shall be expended only on approval of the authority.
(2) A separate proceeds fund shall be maintained for each series of bonds issued by the authority.
(3) Funds credited to a proceeds fund may be used for any or all of the following purposes:
(a) The payment of the necessary expenses, including, without limitation, the costs of issuing the authority's bonds, incurred by the authority in carrying out its responsibilities under RCW 28B.07.021, 28B.07.300 through 28B.07.380, 28B.07.925, 28B.07.927, and 28B.07.030;
(b) The establishment of a debt service reserve account to secure the payment of bonds;
(c) The making of educational loans to qualified borrowers;
(d) The purchase, either directly or acting through a bank with trust powers for its account, of educational loans; and
(e) The acquisition of an investment contract or contracts or any other investments permitted under an indenture of the authority securing its bonds. The income from the contract, contracts, or investments, after payment of the bonds and all expenses associated therewith, shall be used by the authority to assist in carrying out its purposes under this chapter.


PolicyPurpose2007 c 36: See note following RCW 28B.07.300.
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