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Purpose1990 c 33.

(1) The purpose of chapter 33, Laws of 1990 is to reorganize Title 28A RCW. There are three goals to this reorganization: (a) To place related sections in chapters organized by subject matter; (b) to make all terms gender neutral; and (c) to clarify existing language. Chapter 33, Laws of 1990 is technical in nature and is not intended to make substantive changes in the meaning, interpretation, court construction, or constitutionality of any provision of Title 28A RCW or other statutory provisions included in chapter 33, Laws of 1990 and rules adopted under those provisions.
(2) Chapter 33, Laws of 1990 shall not have the effect of terminating or in any way modifying any proceedings or liability, civil or criminal, which exists on June 7, 1990.
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