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(1) The legislature finds and declares:
(a) Teacher qualifications and effectiveness are the most important influences on student learning in schools;
(b) Preparation of individuals to become well-qualified, effective teachers must be high quality;
(c) Teachers who complete high quality alternative route programs with intensive field-based experience, adequate coursework, and strong mentorship do as well or better than teachers who complete traditional preparation programs;
(d) High quality alternative route programs can provide more flexibility and expedience for individuals to transition from their current career to teaching;
(e) High quality alternative route programs can help school districts fill subject matter shortage areas and areas with shortages due to geographic location;
(f) Regardless of route, all candidates for residency teacher certification must meet the high standards required by the state; and
(g) Teachers need an adequate background in subject matter content if they are to teach it well, and should hold full, appropriate credentials in those subject areas.
(2) The legislature recognizes widespread concerns about the potential for teacher shortages and finds that classified instructional staff in public schools, current certificated staff, and unemployed certificate holders represent a great untapped resource for recruiting more teachers in critical shortage areas.


Captions not law2007 c 396: See note following RCW 28A.305.215.
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