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Performance goalsReporting requirements.

Each school district board of directors shall:
(1)(a) Annually report to parents and to the community in a public meeting and annually report in writing the following information:
(i) District-wide and school-level performance improvement goals;
(ii) Student performance relative to the goals; and
(iii) District-wide and school-level plans to achieve the goals, including curriculum and instruction, parental or guardian involvement, and resources available to parents and guardians to help students meet the state standards;
(b) Report annually in a news release to the local media the district's progress toward meeting the district-wide and school-level goals; and
(c) Include the school-level goals, student performance relative to the goals, and a summary of school-level plans to achieve the goals in each school's annual school performance report under RCW 28A.655.110.
(2) School districts in which ten or fewer students in the district or in a school in the district are eligible to be assessed in a grade level are not required to report numerical improvement goals and performance relative to the goals, but are required to report to parents and the community their plans to improve student achievement.
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