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Educational pathways.

Any middle school, junior high school, or high school using educational pathways shall ensure that all participating students will continue to have access to the courses and instruction necessary to meet admission requirements at baccalaureate institutions. Students shall be allowed to enter the educational pathway of their choice. Before accepting a student into an educational pathway, the school shall inform the student's parent of the pathway chosen, the opportunities available to the student through the pathway, and the career objectives the student will have exposure to while pursuing the pathway. Providing online access to the information satisfies the requirements of this section unless a parent or guardian specifically requests information to be provided in written form. Parents and students dissatisfied with the opportunities available through the selected educational pathway shall be provided with the opportunity to transfer the student to any other pathway provided in the school. Schools may not develop educational pathways that retain students in high school beyond the date they are eligible to graduate, and may not require students who transfer between pathways to complete pathway requirements beyond the date the student is eligible to graduate. Educational pathways may include, but are not limited to, programs such as worksite learning, internships, career and technical education, running start, college in the high school, and preparation for technical college, community college, or university education.


FindingsIntent2009 c 450: See note following RCW 28A.600.280.
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