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FindingsIntent2008 c 179.

The legislature finds that the state's public schools and skill centers are a vital component of the future economic prosperity of our state and provide students with access to high-quality academic and technical skills instruction. Skill centers challenge, motivate, and provide opportunities for students to achieve in basic skills, critical thinking, leadership, and work skills through hands-on education, applied academics, and technology training using a cost-effective delivery model. The legislature further finds that barriers to access exist for students in rural and high-density areas, but the development of satellite and branch campus programs will provide the needed access. The legislature further finds that existing and proposed new skill centers will require facilities and equipment that simulate business and industry. Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature to provide a new source of funding for the critical capital needs of the state's skill centers to enhance access to career and technical education opportunities and to improve the condition of existing facilities. Enhanced capital funding will provide skill centers the ability to fulfill their critical role in maintaining and stimulating the state's economy and expanding quality academic and career and technical education opportunities to more students, especially students who lack access to these programs to date.
In the interest of funding equity and ensuring a commitment to the new development, major renovation, or expansion of skill centers, all school district partners must contribute to the acquisition or major capital costs of skill center projects supported by this act to the greatest extent feasible.
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