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Students subject to civil protection orders.

(1) If any student is subject to a civil protection order, the school district and school building staff will make adjustments to the student's schedule and other modifications to the student's school environment to support compliance with court orders and maintain the student's access to education.
(2) If a student is the subject of a civil protection order that prohibits regular attendance at the student's assigned school, the school district must provide the student comparable educational services in another setting. In such a case, the district shall not charge tuition and must provide transportation at no cost. The district shall put in place any needed supports to make the transition to a new school environment successful for the student.
(3) A school district must provide notification to the parent or legal guardian of a student who is subject to a civil protection order of the modifications, accommodations, supports, and services being created or provided for the student pursuant to this section.


Effective date2022 c 268; 2021 c 215: See note following RCW 7.105.900.
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