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Cooperative programs among school districtsRules.

(1) The state superintendent of public instruction is directed and authorized to develop and adopt rules governing cooperative programs between and among school districts and educational service districts that the superintendent deems necessary to assure:
(a) Correct calculation of state apportionment payments;
(b) Proper budgeting and accounting for interdistrict cooperative program revenues and expenditures;
(c) Reporting of student, personnel, and fiscal data to meet state needs; and
(d) Protection of the right of residents of Washington under twenty-one years of age to a tuition-free program of basic education.
(2) Unless specifically authorized in law, interdistrict cooperative programs shall not be designed to systematically increase state allocation above amounts required if services were provided by the resident school district.


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Education of children with disabilities: RCW 28A.155.040, 28A.155.050.
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