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Legislative declaration.

It is the purpose of chapter 76, Laws of 1977 to provide the students of the state with an improved quality traffic safety education program and to develop in the youth of this state a knowledge of the motor vehicle laws, an acceptance of personal responsibility on the public highways, an understanding of the causes and consequences of traffic accidents, and to provide training in the skills necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles; to provide financial assistance to the various school districts while permitting them to achieve economies through options in the choice of course content and methods of instructions by adopting in whole or with modifications, a program prepared by the office of the superintendent of public instruction, and keeping to a minimum the amount of estimating, bookkeeping and reporting required of said school districts for financial reimbursement for such traffic safety education programs.


Severability1977 c 76: "If any provision of this 1977 amendatory act, or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act, or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected." [ 1977 c 76 § 5.]
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