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Allocation of fundsCriteriaDuties of superintendent.

In allocating funds appropriated for education centers, the superintendent of public instruction shall:
(1) Place priority upon stability and adequacy of funding for education centers that have demonstrated superior performance as defined in RCW 28A.205.040(2).
(2) Initiate and maintain a competitive review process to select new or expanded center programs in unserved or underserved areas. The criteria for review of competitive proposals for new or expanded education center services shall include but not be limited to:
(a) The proposing organization shall have obtained certification from the superintendent of public instruction as provided in RCW 28A.205.010;
(b) The cost-effectiveness of the proposal; and
(c) The availability of committed nonstate funds to support, enrich, or otherwise enhance the basic program.
(3) In selecting areas for new or expanded education center programs, the superintendent of public instruction shall consider factors including but not limited to:
(a) The proportion and total number of dropouts unserved by existing center programs, if any;
(b) The availability within the geographic area of programs other than education centers which address the basic educational needs of dropouts; and
(c) Waiting lists or other evidence of demand for expanded education center programs.
(4) In the event of any curtailment of services resulting from lowered legislative appropriations, the superintendent of public instruction shall issue pro rata reductions to all centers funded at the time of the lowered appropriation. Individual centers may be exempted from such pro rata reductions if the superintendent finds that such reductions would impair the center's ability to operate at minimally acceptable levels of service. In the event of such exceptions, the superintendent shall determine an appropriate rate for reduction to permit the center to continue operation.
(5) In the event that an additional center or centers become certified and apply to the superintendent for funds to be allocated from a legislative appropriation which does not increase from the immediately preceding biennium, or does not increase sufficiently to allow such additional center or centers to operate at minimally acceptable levels of service without reducing the funds available to previously funded centers, the superintendent shall not provide funding for such additional center or centers from such appropriation.


FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.
Intent1985 c 434: "It is the intent of this act to provide for an equitable distribution of funds appropriated for educational clinics, to stabilize existing programs, and to provide a system for orderly expansion or retrenchment in the event of future increases or reductions in program appropriations." [ 1985 c 434 § 1.]
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