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Duties of jail facility superintendent or chief administrator.

To support each education program under this chapter, the adult jail facility and each superintendent or chief administrator of an adult jail facility shall:
(1) Provide necessary access to existing instructional and exercise spaces for the education program that are safe and secure;
(2) Provide equipment deemed necessary by the adult jail facility to conduct the education program;
(3) Maintain a clean and appropriate classroom environment that is sufficient to meet the program requirements and consistent with security conditions;
(4) Provide appropriate supervision of juvenile inmates consistent with security conditions to safeguard agents of the education providers and juvenile inmates while engaged in educational and related activities conducted under this chapter;
(5) Provide such other support services and facilities deemed necessary by the adult jail facilities to conduct the education program;
(6) Provide the available medical and mental health records necessary to a determination by the school district of the educational needs of the juvenile inmate; and
(7) Notify the school district within which the adult jail facility resides within five school days that an eligible juvenile inmate has been incarcerated in the adult jail facility.
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