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Grant awardsEligibility.

To be eligible for a grant under RCW 28A.175.025, grant applicants shall:
(1) Build or demonstrate a commitment to building a broad-based partnership of schools, families, and community members to provide an effective and efficient building bridges program. The partnership shall consider an effective model for school-community partnerships and include local membership from, but not limited to, school districts, tribal schools, secondary career and technical education programs, skill centers that serve the local community, an educational service district, the area workforce development council, accredited institutions of higher education, tribes or other cultural organizations, the parent teacher association, the juvenile court, prosecutors and defenders, the local health department, health care agencies, public transportation agencies, local division representatives of the department of social and health services, businesses, city or county government agencies, civic organizations, and appropriate youth-serving community-based organizations. Interested parents and students shall be actively included whenever possible;
(2) Demonstrate how the grant will enhance any dropout prevention and intervention programs and services already in place in the district;
(3) Provide a twenty-five percent match that may include in-kind resources from within the partnership;
(4) Track and report data required by the grant; and
(5) Describe how the dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval system will be sustained after initial funding, including roles of each of the partners.


IntentFindings2007 c 408: See note following RCW 28A.175.025.
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