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Recovery of property from historic archaeological sitesMitigation of damageRefusal to issue salvage permit to prevent destruction of resource.

The salvor shall agree to mitigate any archaeological damage which occurs during the salvage operation. The department shall have access to all property recovered from historic archaeological sites for purposes of scholarly research and photographic documentation for a period to be agreed upon by the parties following completion of the salvage operation. The department shall also have the right to publish scientific papers concerning the results of all research conducted as project mitigation.
The director has the right to refuse to issue a permit for salvaging an historic archaeological resource if that resource would be destroyed beyond mitigation by the proposed salvage operation. Any agency, institution, person, firm, or corporation which has been denied a permit because the resource would be destroyed beyond mitigation by their method of salvage shall have a right of first refusal for that permit at a future date should technology be found which would make salvage possible without destroying the resource. Such right of first refusal shall be in effect for sixty days after the director has determined that salvage can be accomplished by a subsequent applicant without destroying the resource.
No person, firm, or corporation may conduct such salvage or recovery operation herein described without first obtaining such contract.


IntentApplication1988 c 124: See notes following RCW 27.53.030.
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