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Permanent acquisition of documents and materials on loan to museum, procedureReturn of stolen documents and materials to owner.

The board of regents may provide, by rule or regulation, for:
(1) The permanent acquisition of documents or materials on loan to the state museum at the University of Washington, if the documents or materials have not been claimed by the owner thereof within ninety days after notice is sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner at his or her last known address by the board of regents and if the certified letter be returned because it could not be delivered to the addressee, public notice shall be published by the University of Washington once each week during two successive weeks in a newspaper circulating in the city of Seattle and the county of King describing the unclaimed documents or materials, giving the name of the reputed owner thereof and requesting all persons who may have any knowledge of the whereabouts of the owner to contact the office of the museum of the University of Washington: PROVIDED HOWEVER, That more than one item may be described in each of the notices;
(2) The return to the rightful owner of documents or materials in the possession of the museum, which documents or materials are determined to have been stolen: PROVIDED, That any person claiming to be the rightful legal owner of the documents or materials who wishes to challenge the determination by the board shall have the right to commence a declaratory judgment action pursuant to chapter 7.24 RCW in the superior court for King county to determine the validity of his or her claim of ownership to the documents or materials.
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