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Adoption of hard to place childrenCourt's consideration of state's agreement with prospective adoptive parents.

(1) In deciding whether to grant a petition for adoption of a hard to place child and in reviewing any request for the vacation or modification of a decree of adoption, the superior court shall consider any agreement made or proposed to be made between the department and any prospective adoptive parent for any payment or payments which have been provided or which are to be provided by the department in support of the adoption of such child. Before the date of the hearing on the petition to adopt, vacate, or modify an adoption decree, the department shall file as part of the adoption file with respect to the child a copy of any initial agreement, together with any changes made in the agreement, or in the related standards.
(2) If the court, in its judgment, finds the provision made in an agreement to be inadequate, it may make any recommendation as it deems warranted with respect to the agreement to the department. The court shall not, however, solely by virtue of this section, be empowered to direct the department to make payment. This section shall not be deemed to limit any other power of the superior court with respect to the adoption and any related matter.
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