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Genetic testing when specimen not available. (Effective until January 1, 2019.)

(1) If a genetic testing specimen is not available from a man who may be the father of a child, for good cause and under circumstances the court considers to be just, a court may order the following individuals to submit specimens for genetic testing:
(a) The parents of the man;
(b) Brothers and sisters of the man;
(c) Other children of the man and their mothers; and
(d) Other relatives of the man necessary to complete genetic testing.
(2) If a specimen from the mother of a child is not available for genetic testing, the court may order genetic testing to proceed without a specimen from the mother.
(3) Issuance of an order under this section requires a finding that a need for genetic testing outweighs the legitimate interests of the individual sought to be tested.
(4) This section does not apply when the child was conceived through assisted reproduction.


CostsApplication2011 c 283: See notes following RCW 26.26.011.
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