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Recording of social security numbersCompliance with federal requirementRestricted disclosure.

In order to assist in child support enforcement as required by federal law, all applicants for an original, replacement, or renewal of a professional license, commercial driver's license, occupational license, or recreational license must furnish the licensing agency with the applicant's social security number, which shall be recorded on the application. No applicant for an original, replacement, or renewal noncommercial driver's license is required to furnish the licensing agency with the applicant's social security number for purposes of assisting in child support enforcement prior to the time necessary to comply with the *federal deadline. The licensing agencies collecting social security numbers shall not display the social security number on the license document. Social security numbers collected by licensing agencies shall not be disclosed except as required by state or federal law or under RCW 26.23.120.


*Reviser's note: The federal deadline was October 1, 2000.
FindingImplementationIntent1999 c 138: "The legislature declares that enhancing the effectiveness of child support enforcement is an essential public policy goal, but that the use of social security numbers on licenses is an inappropriate, intrusive, and offensive method of improving enforceability. The legislature also finds that, in 1997, the federal government threatened sanction by withholding of funds for programs for poor families if states did not comply with a federal requirement to use social security numbers on licenses, thus causing the legislature to enact such provisions under protest. Since that time, the federal government has delayed implementation of the noncommercial driver's license requirement until October 1, 2000.
The legislature will require compliance with federal law in this matter only at such time and in the event that the federal government actually implements the requirement of using social security numbers on noncommercial driver's license applications. Therefore, the legislature intends to delay the implementation of provisions enacted in 1998 requiring social security numbers be recorded on all applications for noncommercial driver's licenses." [ 1999 c 138 § 1.]
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