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RegistryCreationDutiesInterest on unpaid child supportRecord retention.

(1) There is created a Washington state support registry within the division of child support as the agency designated in Washington state to administer the child support program under Title IV-D of the federal social security act. The registry shall:
(a) Provide a central unit for collection of support payments made to the registry;
(b) Account for and disburse all support payments received by the registry;
(c) Maintain the necessary records including, but not limited to, information on support orders, support debts, the date and amount of support due; the date and amount of payments; and the names, social security numbers, and addresses of the parties;
(d) Develop procedures for providing information to the parties regarding action taken by, and support payments collected and distributed by the registry; and
(e) Maintain a state child support case registry to compile and maintain records on all child support orders entered in the state of Washington.
(2) The division of child support may assess and collect interest at the rate of twelve percent per year on unpaid child support that has accrued under any support order entered into the registry. This interest rate shall not apply to those support orders already specifying an interest assessment at a different rate.
(3) The secretary of social and health services shall adopt rules for the maintenance and retention of records of support payments and for the archiving and destruction of such records when the support obligation terminates or is satisfied. When a support obligation established under court order entered in a superior court of this state has been satisfied, a satisfaction of judgment form shall be prepared by the registry and filed with the clerk of the court in which the order was entered.


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