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Wage assignment order or income withholding orderIssuanceInformation transmitted to state support registry.

(1) Upon receipt of a petition or motion seeking a mandatory wage assignment that complies with RCW 26.18.070, the court shall issue: (a) A wage assignment order for unpaid maintenance; (b) an income withholding order for unpaid child support; or (c) an income withholding order for unpaid maintenance and unpaid child support, including the information required in RCW 26.18.090, directed to the employer, and commanding the employer to answer the order on the forms served with the order that comply with RCW 26.18.120 within twenty days after service of the order upon the employer.
(2) The clerk of the court shall forward a copy of the mandatory wage assignment or income withholding order, a true and correct copy of the support orders in the court file, and a statement containing the obligee's address and social security number shall be forwarded to the Washington state support registry within five days of the entry of the order.


Effective date1987 c 435: See RCW 26.23.900.
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