Chapter 26.14 RCW



HTMLPDF 26.14.005Short title2023 c 61.
HTMLPDF 26.14.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 26.14.020Scope.
HTMLPDF 26.14.030Applicable law.
HTMLPDF 26.14.040Arbitration agreement.
HTMLPDF 26.14.050Notice of arbitration.
HTMLPDF 26.14.060Motion for judicial relief.
HTMLPDF 26.14.070Qualification and selection of arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 26.14.080Disclosure by arbitratorDisqualification.
HTMLPDF 26.14.090Party participation.
HTMLPDF 26.14.100Temporary order or award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.110Protection of party or child.
HTMLPDF 26.14.120Powers and duties of arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 26.14.130Recording of hearing.
HTMLPDF 26.14.140Award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.150Confirmation of award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.160Correction by arbitrator of unconfirmed award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.170Correction by court of unconfirmed award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.180Vacation or amendment by court of unconfirmed award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.190Clarification of confirmed award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.200Judgment on award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.210Modification of confirmed award or judgment.
HTMLPDF 26.14.220Enforcement of confirmed award.
HTMLPDF 26.14.230Appeal.
HTMLPDF 26.14.240Immunity of arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 26.14.900Uniformity of application and construction.
HTMLPDF 26.14.901Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 26.14.902Transitional provision.
HTMLPDF 26.14.903Effective date2023 c 61.