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Statement of dissolution.

(1) After dissolution, a partner who has not wrongfully dissociated may file a statement of dissolution stating the name of the partnership and that the partnership has dissolved and is winding up its business.
(2) A statement of dissolution cancels all previously filed statements of partnership authority.
(3) For the purposes of RCW 25.05.100 and 25.05.315, a person not a partner is deemed to have notice of the dissolution and the limitation on the partners' authority as a result of the statement of dissolution ninety days after it is filed.
(4) After filing a statement of dissolution, a dissolved partnership may file a statement of partnership authority which will operate with respect to a person not a partner as provided in RCW 25.05.110 (2) and (3) in any transaction, whether or not the transaction is appropriate for winding up the partnership business.
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