Chapter 24.36 RCW



HTMLPDF 24.36.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 24.36.020Declaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 24.36.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 24.36.040Associations deemed nonprofit.
HTMLPDF 24.36.050General laws relating to corporations for profit applicable.
HTMLPDF 24.36.055Fees for services by secretary of state.
HTMLPDF 24.36.060Securities act inapplicable.
HTMLPDF 24.36.070Associations deemed not a conspiracy, in restraint of trade, etc.Contracts not illegal.
HTMLPDF 24.36.080Conflicting laws not applicableExemptions apply.
HTMLPDF 24.36.090Merger, consolidation of associations authorizedProcedure.
HTMLPDF 24.36.100Stock associationsStatement in articles.
HTMLPDF 24.36.110Stock associationsClassified sharesStatement in articles.
HTMLPDF 24.36.120Nonstock associationsStatement in articles.
HTMLPDF 24.36.130Bylaws of association.
HTMLPDF 24.36.140Bylaws of associationTransfer of stock, membership certificates limited.
HTMLPDF 24.36.150Bylaws of associationQuorum, voting, directors, penalties.
HTMLPDF 24.36.160Bylaws of associationFees, charges, marketing contract, dividends.
HTMLPDF 24.36.170Bylaws of associationMembership.
HTMLPDF 24.36.180Bylaws of associationMeetings.
HTMLPDF 24.36.190Bylaws of associationDirect election of directors from districts of territory.
HTMLPDF 24.36.200Bylaws of associationElection of directors by representatives or advisers from districts of territory.
HTMLPDF 24.36.210Bylaws of associationPrimary elections to nominate directors.
HTMLPDF 24.36.220Bylaws of associationNomination of directors by public officials or other directorsLimitation.
HTMLPDF 24.36.230Bylaws of associationTerms of directorsStaggering.
HTMLPDF 24.36.240Bylaws of associationExecutive committee.
HTMLPDF 24.36.250Qualifications of members, stockholders.
HTMLPDF 24.36.260Certificate of membership in nonstock associations.
HTMLPDF 24.36.270Liability of member for association's debts.
HTMLPDF 24.36.280Place of membership meetings.
HTMLPDF 24.36.290Appraisal of expelled member's propertyPayment.
HTMLPDF 24.36.300Powers of associationGeneral scope of activities.
HTMLPDF 24.36.310Powers of associationIncurring indebtednessAdvances to members.
HTMLPDF 24.36.320Association as agent for member.
HTMLPDF 24.36.330ReservesInvestments.
HTMLPDF 24.36.340Powers relating to capital stock or bonds of other corporations or associations.
HTMLPDF 24.36.350Powers relating to real or personal property.
HTMLPDF 24.36.360Levy of assessments.
HTMLPDF 24.36.370General powers, rights, privileges of association.
HTMLPDF 24.36.380Use of association's facilitiesDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 24.36.390Power of association to form, control, own stock in or be member of another corporation or associationWarehouse receipts.
HTMLPDF 24.36.400Contracts and agreements with other corporations or associationsJoint operations.
HTMLPDF 24.36.410Marketing contracts with members.
HTMLPDF 24.36.420When title passes on sale by member to association.
HTMLPDF 24.36.430Association may sell products without taking titlePowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 24.36.440Liability of member for breach of marketing contract.
HTMLPDF 24.36.450Injunctions, specific performance if breach or threatened breach by member.
HTMLPDF 24.36.460Presumption that landlord or lessor can control deliveryRemedies for nondelivery or breach.
HTMLPDF 24.36.470Enforcement by association to secure delivery by member.


Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.