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Survival of remedies after dissolution.

The dissolution of a corporation whether (1) by the filing and issuance of a certificate of dissolution, voluntary or involuntary, by the secretary of state, or (2) by a decree of court when the court has not liquidated the assets and affairs of the corporation as provided in this chapter, or (3) by expiration of its period of duration, shall not take away or impair any remedy available to or against such corporation, its directors, officers, members, or shareholders, for any right or claim existing, or any liability incurred, prior to such dissolution if action or other proceeding thereon is commenced within two years from the date of dissolution. Any such action or proceeding by or against the corporation may be prosecuted or defended by the corporation in its corporate name and capacity. The members, shareholders, directors, and officers shall have power to take such corporate or other action as shall be appropriate to protect any remedy, right, or claim. If the corporation was dissolved by the expiration of its period of duration, such corporation may amend its articles of incorporation at any time during the two years following dissolution, in order to extend its period of duration. If, during the period of dissolution, another person or corporation has reserved or adopted a corporate name which is identical to or deceptively similar to the dissolved corporation's name, the corporation extending its period of duration shall be required to adopt another name consistent with the requirements of this chapter and to amend its articles of incorporation accordingly. The corporation shall also pay to the state all fees and penalties which would otherwise have been due if the corporate charter had not expired, plus a reinstatement fee of twenty-five dollars.


IntentSeverabilityEffective datesApplication1982 c 35: See notes following RCW 43.07.160.
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