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Foreign registration statement.

(1) To register to do business in this state, a foreign entity must deliver a foreign registration statement to the secretary of state for filing. The statement must be executed by the entity and state:
(a) The name of the foreign entity and, if the name does not comply with RCW 23.95.300, an alternate name adopted pursuant to RCW 23.95.525;
(b) The type of entity and, if it is a foreign limited partnership, whether it is a foreign limited liability limited partnership;
(c) The entity's jurisdiction of formation;
(d) The street and mailing addresses of the entity's principal office and, if the law of the entity's jurisdiction of formation requires the entity to maintain an office in that jurisdiction, the street and mailing addresses of the office;
(e) The information required by RCW 23.95.415(1);
(f) The names and addresses of the entity's governors and, if the entity is a business corporation or nonprofit corporation, the names and addresses of its officers;
(g) The date of the entity's formation and period of duration;
(h) The nature of the entity's business or purposes to be conducted or promoted in this state; and
(i) The date on which the entity first did, or intends to do, business in this state.
(2) The foreign entity shall deliver with the registration statement a certificate of existence, or a document of similar import, issued no more than sixty days before the date of submission of the registration statement and duly authenticated by the secretary of state or other official having custody of the entity's records in the entity's jurisdiction of formation.


Effective dateContingent effective date2015 c 176: See note following RCW 23.95.100.
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